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Best Kitchen Storage Solution- from Amazon Brand Solimo- A set of 20 Plastic containers 

  • The pack consists of  a set of 20 jars – 4 each in the sizes of 1800ml, 1200ml, 450 ml, 200ml, 50ml
  • Made from high-quality PET, Grade 1 food-grade plastic
  • 100% free from the harmful impacts of BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • Preserves the freshness of the contents as the airtight jars prevent loss of moisture


Best Kitchen Storage Solution For You- A set of 20 Plastic containers from Amazon brand Solimo

What is the best kitchen storage solution for you?  Probably, it is tough to find out, given the  number of  choice you find in the  market today

The traditionally favourite glass or metals containers were ruling the world of food storage solutions until recently.

Of late, plastic storage containers have made an entry into the foray and found favour with many of us .

Each of these materials- glass, metals, plastic etc., has its own pros and cons though. Plastic products have their health-related issues too.

Having said that,  the demand for colourful, quality plastic containers is  growing currently.

Are you planning to modify  or replace your food storage containers. If so,  Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Container Set is probably the type of ktchen storage solution you may love to own.

Provided that you are looking for beautiful transparent containers or facing a space crunch in your kitchen or cabins.

Easy portability, secured food storage and durability are the other positive factors making  plastic containers the best kitchen storage solution currently.

The current offer from Solimo includes 20 jars – 4 each in the sizes of 1800ml, 1200ml, 450ml, 200ml and 50ml. It is quiet an ample storage capacity expansion in the offing.

Features and Benefits

  • 1. Made of high-quality PET, Grade 1 food grade components
    2. Bisphenol A or BPA-free
    3. Airtight jars and stainless steel lid
    4. Easy to store in kitchen cabins, saving space
    5. Transparent body- elegant look
    6. Ease of handling

1.High-quality PET, Grade 1 food grade components

One of the features attributed to Solimo’s storage solutions is that they are made of high-quality polyethylene terephthalate polyester (PET).

You know that PET is widely used by the water bottle industry and it was considered harmless to human health. Recently, certain  German research studies have raised doubts about its safety. However, it is too early to jump into a conclusion , as scientists are inconclusive on their findings.

2.Solimo Plastic Containers are BPA- (bisphenol A)-free

So far, it is believed that BPA-free plastic is safe for use.

So, the use of Solimo containers is risk-free and protected.  BPA or bisphenol A is a highly toxic chemical found in plastic.

As solimo plastic containers are free from this troubles, they are safe for the daily storage use in the kitchen.

3. Airtight Jars and Stainless steel lid

The advantage of airtight jars is that it prevents moisture loss and doesn’t absorb germs

This will help to preserve the freshness and quality of food content for longer time.

So , you can keep food safely for long hours. Since they are refrigerator-friendly it is easy to store food items without damage.

The shining stainless steel lids by default close tightly,besides looking attractive.

4.Easy to store in the Kitchen cabin

You will find it convenient to keep the caontainers in the kitchen cabin. You can place them one over the other to save space.

There is no risk of damage from possible falls, a major disadvantage of glass and metal containers.

A fall will break the class containers, while the metal containers suffer damage.

With plastic containers taking less space,  your kitchen as well as cabin will look neat and tidy and well organized.

5.Transparent body

Solimo Plastic Containers have transparent bodies. The plus point is that you can see the content of these jars, crystal clear from outside.

You don’t have to affix any label to identify the items stored inside.

A mere look is sufficient to locate the stuff you want to use. So, handling the essential staples or species stored inside the containers will be easy while working in the kitchen.

Additionally, the transparency adds to their beauty as well.

Overall, barring the inconclusive health concern about plastic, this product appeas to be an eligible candidate for the best kitchen storage solution



  • Offer is for 20 jars of sizes from 50ml to 1800ml
  • Ensures ample kitchen storage capacity
  • Zero risk of health hazards as the containers are made of food-grade components


  • Plastic by default absorb smell of the content permanently
  • Therefore, the containers cannot be interchangeable once used
  • Research studies could not arrive conclusively at the safety aspect of plastic


Notwithstanding the adverse views about plastic, people show increased interest in proven quality plastic products currently.
What we found positive in the current offer is that the products are from Amazon’s in-house brand. And that the products are generally believed to be of good quality. Beacuse, the company’s intention of launching private labels are very clear; to gain customer confidence and loyalty in an effort to establish leadership in the market.

This offer may find fovour with those looking for good branded and quality useful products.

Additional information

Additional information