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 Classic Fruits Vegetable Juicer- With Steel Handle-Capital Kitchenware

Simple Device

Easy turn handle for hassle-free juicing

Stainless steel filter that deseeds the fruits and vegetables
Patented anti-drip system for clear and fresh juice
All parts are detachable for easy cleaning,

Material – Plastic and stainless steel



Classic Fruits Manual Juicer- With Steel Handle-Capital Kitchenware

Classic Fruit Manual Juicer helps you make delicious and healthy juice within no time.

Since its process is very simple, you can instantly make your favourite juice from fruits or vegetable whenever you want.

Although this juicer looks just ordinary, it has got everything fitted in to make the process easy and simple. For example, it has a cold juicer augur, an easy lock system, a suction base and an easy-to-turn handle.

If you are a bit health cautious, don’t worry, it is also taken care of. In fact, the juicer keeps anti-oxidants and is faultless for making healthy juices.

The interesting thing about this compact juicer is that it is lightweight and therefore easily portable.

Now, the process of making juice with the Classic Fruit Manual Juicer.

You can create delicious juice with this device just by turning its handle. It is perfect for making healthy detox juices as it preserves anti-oxidants.

As it follows the slow squeezing technology, the extracted juice retains its original rich, vibrant flavours. Moreover, the slow Juicing and squeezing technology gives you maximum juice output from your fruits or vegetable.

Unlike the traditional juicers, this device does not rely on centrifugal action to extract juice from the fruits and vegetable content. So, there is minimal risk of losing the nutrients from fruits content by the mechanical shearing of the juice cells.

And, you can enjoy the maximum antioxidant benefits, and full flavour of the content as well.


Classic Juice Manual Juicer- Additional Information

Diamension: height = 24cm, width = 20cm, breadth = 16cm

The container can store around 300-350ml of juice at a time.

Customer Reviews Largely Postive

Amazon launched  Classic Fruit Manual Juicer in August  2017.  Today, this  juicer is ranked #3154 in sales in Kitchen Tools  and #49,612 in Home & Kitchen products

The product has 75customer reviews with an average score of 4.1 out of 5. Of this  52% reviews gave this product a score of 5 out 5

One of the reviews said it is ” Good fitting (vacuum clutch), systematically smooth and hygienically clean juicing experience with this low priced hand juicer.”


Simple and Easy process of making your favorite juice

Natural Slow Squeezing Technology

Maximum Juice Output -Healthy Delicious Juice

Compact, Lightweight and Portable

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Additional information

Additional information


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