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Kitchen Plastic Hygienic Storage Bottles, Jars- Combo Offer- 18 pieces from Cello

The offer includes 6x 300 ml, 6 x 650 ml and 6 x 1,200 ml size containers, Total 18 Pcs PET Canisters
100% Food Grade & BPA Free Canisters

All the bottles and jars are made of higher food-grade plastic and are totally BPA (Bisphenol A) – free.

Help you keep your kitchen space well organised

Ideal for keeping dry food, pulses, spices etc., in style




Kitchen Plastic Hygienic Storage Bottles, Jars- Combo Offer- 18 pieces from Cello

Kitchen Plastic Hygienic Storage Bottles from Cello is an attractive combo pack. It offers 18 stylishly designed hygienic storage bottles and jars, ideal for preserving food items.

There won’t be any end to the demand for food storage containers, bottles and boxes etc., as long as you wish to keep your kitchen space well organised. They are the best kitchen tools to help keep food clean and fresh for longer times.

The downside of food storage containers are the potential health hazards from the materials used for manufacturing them.

Normally these containers are made from materials including glass, metal and plastic, with the rising dominance of plastic currently.

Why we prefer plastic storage containers over glass and metal containers is clear. Light weight, durability and cost. However, plastic, when used for food storage, absorbs the smells and tastes of items stored in them. It persists, even after the container is washed with soap.

Another disadvantage of plastic containers is the dangers of bisphenal A (BPA) a harmful chemical seen in the plastic. It may cause health hazards when it comes in contact with food & liquid.

Here, Cello Containers and Bottle Set and Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set are 100% food grade & BPA-Free products. These products are designed to help you ensure a healthier lifestyle.

The jars are ideal for storing dry food, pulses, and spices. With them, the taste and nutritive value of food contents remain intact for a long time.

The Kitchen Plastic Hygienic Storage bottles are also made of 100% food grade material & is BPA-free. Their body is transparent and therefore helps to easily identify the contents besides adding to the style and look.


  • Kitchen Plastic Hygienic Storage Bottles¬† and jars are mostappropriate for storing dry food, pulses, and spices
  • This airtight containaers are free from BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • Tight Seal: The Checkers Containers have an air tight seal
  • This completely locks the Crisp & flavour of the food content
  • The taste and nutritive value of the contents remains intact for a long time
  • Hygienic bottle: The bottle is made of 100% food-grade material & is BPA-free
  • Crystal Clarity: It’s transparent body helps to easily identify the contents
  • Leak-Proof: The bottle has a liquid tight cap that prevents leakage & is unbreakable
  • Freezer safe: These bottles are compatible with refrigerator They are curvy shaped and occupy less space
  • They look beautiful in the fridge or on the table top
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