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M-Cuisine Egg Poacher, Orange Colour- From Joseph Joseph Company

The Perfect Cookware to Prepare Poached eggs

Anyone Can Cook Easly

Cooking No More A Boredom

Enjoy Delicious Poached Egg  Whenever You want





M-Cuisine Egg Poacher, Orange Colour- From Joseph Joseph Company

M-Cuisine Egg Poacher– What is it and How will you use it?  Are you interested in poached eggs, but bored about cooking it yourself?  Then, there is a way to solve this problem. You can cook delicious poached eggs easily whenever you want without any boredom. Your poached egg will be ready within minutes and will suit your taste.

What you need is an updated version of M-Cuisine Egg Poacher. And, you can use your microwave .

M-Cuisine Egg Poacher is from the popular brand M-Cuisine by Joseph – Joseph a UK-based international company having operations in India.

M-Cuisine brand represents a  range of highly functional cookware designed to local preferences and directions. The collection includes multifunctional and ergonomic products, which are wholesome solutions to all your cooking problems.

You will find them convenient to produce delightful, home-cooked food with ease.

The company claims that all of their cookware products are designed with customer preference and convenience in mind.

With M-Cuisine you can enjoy everything from a simple poached egg right up to a complete family meal.


M-Cuisine Microwave Egg Poacher

Prepare Your Tasety Poached Egg within Minutes:

Preparing poached eggs in a pot can be tricky.

This can be quickly and easily replicated in a microwave oven with this clever design.
1. Simply fill the poacher with water
2. Heat briefly in the microwave,
3. then break in an egg.
4. Cover with the lid and microwave on full power for the specified time.
5. Simply lift and drain the cooked egg with the integrated colander
6. Serve & Enjoy
Full cooking instructions included.

It really is easy to cook the poached egg yourself
The only thing you need to learn is how much time you need to get them cooked to your taste.

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